My son used to attend BYPC and always had a great time. He enjoyed various activities and interaction with volunteers gave him a lot of support and confidence. I also used to volunteer at BYPC and enjoyed my time there. It was an excellent environment for young people to come along to. The charity ensured a wide range of activities were offered and ongoing support to young people. It all came together as a group/team and everyone got alone well and I believe the work it is doing is so important to the community in Braintree. - Parent & Ex Volunteer


Our children have been attending The Hut for a couple of years.  It has given them a place to meet friends from other schools, and get to know young people from diverse backgrounds.  They have developed skills on Outdoor Adventure days and have grown in confidence.  Our youngest daughter struggles with anxiety, but she looks forward to sessions at The Hut, where she knows she will be safe and supported by the volunteers and Jon the Youth Worker. They have built a camaraderie with the other young people and enjoy playing games and cooking as part of the sessions. Recently there have been talks by a mental health worker, and visits from a Parkour runner, a chess expert and a DJ who ran a workshop.  Even though many of the young people don’t know each other when they first go to The Hut, they build friendships and become a source of emotional support for each other. They know there will always be someone to speak to if they are having problems, whether it is other young people, or one of the adult leaders, but what really brings them back each week is having fun. - Parent


I have no personal connection to The Hut. But... I work in a local secondary school and through your Facebook page I follow The Hut and take great delight in seeing activities and success stories of past and present students, some of whom come from under privileged backgrounds and I know for sure without The Hut they wouldn't have the opportunities that the project provides them. From basic cooking and social skills that are so easy for us to take for granted to activity days and breaks away. I take great delight in sharing such Facebook posts with my colleagues. Thank you for all you do. - Supporter of BYPC